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Readers' Vent: July 11, 2019

I know you’ve been told before but you still haven’t listened. Being pro-choice does not mean believing that women should use abortion as birth control. It means all modern medical services should be available to all women, and their personal intimate decisions are none of your business. You and your daughters should follow your beliefs, but leave me and my daughters alone.

Elizabeth Warren wanting to decriminalize border crossings. That would open up the borders and we would be overrun by people. How can anyone think this is a good idea? We can’t afford that.

Female players in the World Cup take home 20 percent of the revenue they produce. Male players: 7 percent. The USA players’ protest has nothing to do with our country, our flag or our President? You look and sound silly praising this team and their cause.

Think about it. Ten years ago, Democrats voted to fine you if you didn’t buy their health insurance. Today, the same Democrats want to give the same insurance to non-Americans for free.

Looks like Americans really don’t practice what they preach. We say we’re all about Christian values but that is demonstrably untrue because we support a President who is an example of anything but Christian values. I do believe we’re a bunch of hypocrites.

This paper published an “Outdoor” supplement in the spring with a large photo of people jumping off the cliffs at Summersville Lake. Cliff jumping was banned at Summersville Lake 12 years ago. This weekend a man died cliff jumping at the lake. Your reporting should be more responsible.

Now that the legislature has favored auto dealers over consumers with passage of the “as is” bill, it would be fitting if the consequences sure to come would be visited upon the families of those legislators who made it happen.

Melania Trump’s recent visit to Huntington was just a campaign stop. She cares nothing about opiate addiction, or Huntington, or West Virginia.

Claude Monet. Craig Hudson. One used a brush, the other a camera. Both great artists.

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