Readers' Vent: July 30, 2019

Just when we think the president can’t stoop any lower — he does.

And once again. A venter wrote an entire paragraph telling us how smart he is and ends it with, “man-made climate change is real.” Sorry. The scientists who disagree with you actually explain what’s going on without all the grandstanding.

You’re right. Tomblin didn’t do anything and our roads deteriorated. Justice is doing less than Tomblin. We’ll be driving on dirt roads by the time he leaves office.

Representative Elijah Cummings should tone down his rage. With his screaming and blustering, he is doing a disservice to himself, his party, and his constituents. He can accomplish his critical goals without being rude and cutting to those with whom he disagrees. Cummings sounds as ignorant as his nemesis.

I’m sure our president wouldn’t dare step foot in 95 percent of the homes in West Virginia. He thinks poor people are worthless.

It is true that conditions in areas of Baltimore are horrible. It is not only Baltimore but many inner cities across the country. They all have one thing in common. Controlled by Democrats. Where was the outrage about the detention facilities during the previous administration?

The money spent trying to save a company from going under is money spent trying to save jobs, keep people working, earning wages and contributing to the economy. Not the same as giving money to the lazy and illegal. It’s not hypocrisy.

I for one am against all forms of welfare. That includes both individual and corporate. I am against handing money to anyone or anything that doesn’t earn it. That includes welfare, subsidies and tax credits.

Do your research. Google is not your friend. Evidence is piling up showing their answers lean one way on purpose to manipulate the way you think. Google is little more than a high-dollar Snopes.

The 4th circuit court is getting as bad as the 9th. We need the economic benefits of that pipeline.

Someone referred to the president as a “monster.” As he goes about undoing some of the extensive damage done by Obama to this country, he has my support. I don’t care if he has two little red horns underneath that orange hair of his.

Republicans say Democrats are socialists. However, Republicans take donations from Communist Russian oligarchs and welcome Communist Russian interference in our elections. Are you seriously saying you don’t care if we turn our elections over to Russia?

Will someone explain to me why people think children need a new backpack every year for school? It should last at least two or three years.

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