Readers' Vent: July 13, 2019

Well, finally the FCC is addressing the robocalls that we all get everyday. You may already notice that some of the robocalls have stopped. I’ve noticed that when the robocalls have subsided that my junk mail has increased 10-fold. So if the robocall company also has your e-mail address the phone call will now become spam e-mails. Government is too late to this problem. It will just transfer to other social medias.

Thanks for the picture of those beautiful kids playing in Davis Creek. It brings back great memories of my childhood. Just wanted to make a comment before you start receiving negative remarks. Keep up the great work.

At what point does circumventing policies, procedures, rules and/or laws lose meaningful importance of moral and ethical significance for individuals of significant wealth? The newest wrinkle to be whipped across the average resident is the unmasking behind the cover up story of Epstein and his ilk. It’s time to put compassion, love and liberty into every day life in America.

Nobody has said soccer players can’t voice their opinions. There’s a place and time for it. Cussing, acting rude and disrespecting the country you play for on the world stage isn’t the way to do it.

With regard to abortion, females should be able to make all the “personal intimate decisions” they want, just as long as they pay. I don’t think I should have to.

I guess I just don’t get it. There is nothing racist about asking a citizenship question on the census. Nothing. They are not asking if the person is here legally or illegally. To me; it’s ludicrous not to ask that question.

Fifty years ago everybody wanted to be equal. Equality for all. We worked for that. Now 50 years later. It’s all about who we are. We’re different. We’re diverse. Need to treat “us” different. Just can’t please a liberal. They’re never, ever going to be happy.

For Kanawha City: I have a great Idea. Why doesn’t the city mow the sidewalks. And the state patch the road. It’s the worse that I’ve seen it in the 30 years I’ve lived here. This is ridiculous.

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