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Readers' Vent: July 5, 2019

Teachers, parents and those who care about public education, let’s not be discouraged. Let’s get to work to elect good people who will undo the charter schools.

When you see a speed bump sized hump in the pavement and there’s a large dark oily spot just past it. It’s pretty obvious it’s a bad bump and it’s been there awhile. Why can’t our WVDOH people figure that out? Several speed bumps on MacCorkle Avenue through Jefferson and Spring Hill.

According to Chris Hamilton, West Virginia is rolling in money. So why doesn’t Justice spend some of that on road repair?

Deer are overrunning everything. They are destroying what’s left of people’s gardens and yards. We desperately need a year-round deer season to thin out this population. Bucks and does need to go.

Read an article on the political bias of fact checking sites. Interesting stat. Liberals check the sites twice as much as conservatives. If their news networks are so honest. Why are they all the time going to the fact checkers?

If the reader would open their eyes they would know that several liberal-led states want to give illegal immigrants the same benefits that U.S. citizens and legal immigrants receive including health care, welfare and even driver’s licenses. Did they not watch the other night when all the liberals said they supported free health care for illegal immigrants?

The governor signed the education bill in secret, and then issued a press release after 5 p.m. on a Friday. At least the other Republicans had the guts to face the cameras and tout the virtues of this bill. I probably have more respect for Mitch Carmichael right now than I do Jim Justice. If you have to hide what you’re doing, you know it’s not the right thing to do.

So the far left wants everyone to have free health care and for all school loans to be forgiven. If that happens then I want all mortgages and credit card balances to be forgiven.

I have read that many of the immigrant child detention centers are privately run with government money. Why is no one investigating where the money is going? Maybe the bad living conditions maximize profits.

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