Readers' Vent: July 18, 2019

There is nothing radical about the policies supported by the “Squad.” Expansion of Medicare is status quo. The real extremists are right wing reactionaries who want to return to serfdom.

Who created the crisis at the border? The socialists Democrats did with their promises of free health care, free education and free government assistance for everyone including illegal immigrants. It’s no wonder we have a crisis at the border. Stop blaming our president for what you created

Everyone is talking about the money for the roads. What ever happened to the gas tax money for the roads? It’s funny that’s never been mentioned.

To say “Go back to where you came from” is not only to say, go back to your country of origin, but it is to say, “Go back to the past, 20, 30, 50 years ago, to segregation, segregated schools, segregated churches, segregated housing, restaurants, motels, restrooms, water fountains, sit at the back of the bus days. Or, how about, pre-Civil War days.” That is what MAGA (Make America Great Again) and TAB (Take America Back) mean. “Go back to where you belong, stay in your place, don’t be uppity.”

General George Washington flew UNITED. How could I have been so fooled to waste my precious vote on this joke of a president? It will not happen again.

Bless Susan Matthis Johnson. She actually believes that Senator (always vote the GOP party line) Capito has a conscience.

People for no good reason put themselves in harms way and expect rescuers to risk their lives to save them.

Billionaire gets a year in jail, with work release, for molesting children. People in poverty get life sentences in prisons, where they work for about 14-cents an hour. And you thought slavery was a thing of the past. The slave trade is alive and well. Just has a new name. “War on Drugs.”

People hooked on soap operas need to get a life. Knocked me out of seeing the July 4 parade on Channel 13 News at Ripley.

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