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Readers' Vent: June 13, 2019

Yeah, it’s sure hard for a teacher to live on $40,000-$50,000 a year. I guess they don’t realize that most West Virginians live on much less. My sister-in-law is a teacher and she makes good money. More than my wife does with bachelor’s degree in a business setting. I don’t buy what the teachers are selling. Why? It’s just not true.

May I offer a compromise, Sen. Carmichael? You can have as many charter schools as you want. The data tell us some will do as well as their public counterparts, some will do worse, and several will be closed for financial mismanagement. Fine. All of that’s on you. In exchange, you’ll free the remaining public schools from the same rules and regulations from which you free the charters. Deal?

The similarities of the mafia and Catholic hierarchy is a tragedy.

Every year the Kanawha State Forest Foundation hosts a West Virginia birthday celebration with birthday cake and a free concert. Why do none of West Virginia’s elected folk never attend? Sunday, 2 p.m., Kanawha State Forest.

Do these protesters honestly believe they can shut down the Mountain Valley Pipeline project after it’s been under construction for two years and hundreds of millions already invested in it? Let me know how that works out for ya.

America needs a president who is tough and fearless and who stands for the people. Guess what? We have one. Not perfect — like all of us he has faults — but his heart is in the right place. Support him.

Homeowners also have the right to decide against owning a gun for protection.

Now that the Republicans are also against Justice, it’s time they joined the Democrats and impeached him for dereliction of duty. Instead of governing, he’s coaching basketball, dodging taxes, mismanaging his businesses, and stiffing suppliers, all while the state is falling apart. He is despicable, an embarrassment and along with the mine safety violations, can easily be considered a criminal. Get him out! Please.

It’s a little late to hear we need research to clean up dirty coal. Coal reaped all the money and even left their mess for society to clean up. They now play the victim. West Virginia behind again by the lawyered-up coal corporations only for them.

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