Readers' Vent: June 27, 2019

Oh please stop with the poor refugee posts. If they are simply fleeing violence in Central and South America, then Mexico would be their first refuge. They want a welfare check.

Can’t believe a lawmaker is whining about the public boycotting his business because he voted for charter schools. Actions have consequences, and in our society we can choose to support any business we want. He used the phrase it was hurting his livelihood and ability to give back to public schools. His vote took away funding for public schools!

You gotta love Mark Sadd. What 80 percent of the people didn’t want comes to be and he touts it as progress. He must represent the 1 percent among us.

A few trees near the road at Oakwood and a traffic light problem backs traffic up to Walmart with no signage to prepare drivers. If WVDOT can’t do better, then the Jefferson Road project will be a disaster for anyone entering/leaving the Charleston area.

Christopher Regan’s letter on refugee children should make everyone cry. This is the United States! We have to be better than this.

City of Charleston needs to repair the air conditioning at the Kanawha City Community Center gym. Pickleball players are there every day and it’s miserable. I hear it’s been out for two years!

We form bad habits throughout our lives and unfortunately in our old age “the chickens come home to roost.” So the bad habits we form (and excuse) earlier in life become virtual millstones around our necks in old age. I’m 74 so I know.

What has happened to my beloved America. Torture of prisoners during war. Children abused in detention centers. We used to be better than this.

Mitch Carmichael’s hatred for unions in West Virginia is the driving force behind his leading our Legislature in shoving right to work, prevailing wage, and now charter schools down our throats. The first two have proven to be nothing but detrimental to West Virginia workers. Charter schools will put West Virginia back 65 years. Mitch, we all know what karma is.

I haven’t seen anything, anywhere, that North Carolina will start charging a toll on certain lanes on I-77 through, at least, Lake Norman, North Carolina. The tolls can vary depending on which payment method is used. West Virginians headed South may want to check this out before they go on vacation.

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