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Readers' Vent: June 3, 2019

To the venter who said private schools should not use tax dollars to teach things he didn’t agree with. This is exactly what Christians say when public schools don’t want to teach creationism. Christians also pay taxes and their views should be respected. Everyone clamors for tolerance but no one wants to tolerate Christians.

A piece of advice to the youth of the state. Don’t talk to an adult the way you communicate in texts and emails. You sound like a blithering idiot. I know. Actual face to face conversation using big words is hard.

Please change the fireworks ordinance, or at least enforce the law for those that don’t follow it. Maybe a few fines would put a stop to it.

No wonder KCS has no money to furnish schools with supplies. All the money is going for astroturf, playgrounds, and at least two vehicles for a one-man job on maintenance. This is taxpayers money, someone please be accountable

Sorry. Today’s moral crisis has nothing to do with rich billionaires and college loans. It’s because of decades of liberal policies creating generations of people not knowing how to take responsibility for their own actions.

It really is disgusting how these states think they can tell women what to do. No one wants to have an abortion, but, due to different situations in life, these people and really any person who supports this nonsense think they know everything about the woman’s private situation. And it goes beyond when the baby is forced to be born. I am 58 years old, and a healthy woman, and I never thought it would come down to this! Utterly disgusting!

The speeding problem can be solved very easily. Automated speed enforcement cameras and a $1,000 fine per offense. That will never happen in WV because it makes too much sense.

Some Democrats now are attacking the president over his draft deferment. I served during Vietnam, but not because I wanted to. LBJ, General Westmoreland, and all the career military were getting draftees killed outright. If I could have gotten a deferment, I would have. There was no patriotism involved in the Vietnam mess.

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