Readers' Vent: June 28, 2019

I could be wrong, but I believe you have to have a social security number to get welfare.

We as a country did used to be better than this. We used to hold criminals accountable and we fought to secure our borders. Now the left wants us to accept their motto that anything goes. I think not.

If Christian objections can make it so no public funds can be used for abortion, then I should be able to object so no public funds should be able to be used for private/religious schools. What’s good for the goose ...

All the big trucks getting lost and stuck around town in recent weeks. Anybody else notice some college-educated traffic engineer put up signs around the interstate construction saying “no thru trucks”? What did they think would happen?

I watched the Democratic debates. What a joke for prime time TV. None of the candidates answered the questions from the moderators. And every candidate was so disrespectful. I would not vote for any of them to even be the president of a home owners’ association.

I have no sympathy for the lawmakers losing customers due to their vote against public schools. They voted against the will of the people they were elected to represent. Did they really think people wouldn’t be aware of their vote?

When you choose to play for a team that represents your nation, have some decency and respect and stand for the national anthem. If you dislike your country so much, don’t choose to play for national team. It’s that simple. I’ll be rooting for France.

The United States practiced ethnic cleansing against the Indians, murdering tens of millions; enslaved and tortured into submission tens of millions of blacks; continued their subjugation after emancipation with Jim Crow laws; continues to enable tyrants across the Earth to brutalize their citizens; denies thousands of migrants the safety they’re seeking; steals the children of migrants; and while we’re killing each other with our guns, preaches to the world that we’re a Christian, peace-loving nation. See the hypocrisy here? Can’t we do better than this?

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