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Readers' Vent: June 8, 2019

It wasn’t the citizens of Jackson County that put Senator Carmichael in office. History will show that the citizens of Putnam County are responsible for what’s happening! It could have been a “Bright” day in the Legislature!

D-Day reminds me of the sacrifices of our troops for America. Today we can certainly sacrifice by paying higher prices until we defeat China in the trade war and shut down the invasion coming through Mexico.

The vent about poverty because we can’t satisfy the rich is one of the most powerful, truest statements I’ve ever read.

Yes, unions have played a big part in the history of our state and country. Times have changed. Wages, hours and safety issues are now regulated by government with little if any pressure from unions. Today’s unions are little more than a socialist arm of the Democrat party funneling worker’s dues to crooked politicians.

I have a boat and a convertible. Yes, we’ve had a lot of rain this year. It’s not the first rainy spring we’ve had. Next month the rivers will be low, grass will be dying and people will be praying for rain blaming climate change.

Charter schools are simply segregation! Segregation of students, families and teachers based on socioeconomic, intellectual or racial boundaries where payment is laid on the backs of those whose children do not attend either by choice, refusal or have no school age children. It’s simply separating out and favoring a select few, with the cost borne by others!

Like another reader, I too really dislike the new obituary format. Don’t know what was wrong with the way it was. Just because the Huntington paper has that format doesn’t mean Gazette had to follow suit. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The NRA consists of Americans who pay a membership fee and would not exist if citizens did not recognize the need to band together to protect the right to own firearms. Thank you NRA!

The tariffs on goods from Mexico and China have a bright side. Americans will buy less and in turn waste less. Waste is the driving force behind economic growth. Environmentalists know that waste is at the root of the demise of the planet.

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