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Readers' Vent: June 4, 2019

Without sounding insensitive, why does Charleston need an LGBTQ working group when they already passed nondiscrimination laws 12 years ago? I doubt this working group will attract business, solve budgetary issues, help the homeless problem or solve the drug problem. If this is a priority with this mayor, you elected the wrong mayor.

I have nephews who have attended charter schools in two other states. It is clear to me those commenting do not understand what a charter does. First, a student has to apply and be accepted from a waiting list. They are public schools, not private. Second, the kids going are there to be a part of an academic learning program, not doing extracurriculars. People so against them are correct, though. West Virginia is not ready.

I need to correct Alex Mooney’s wish that guns be part of our way of life (death). I do not own a gun and try to stay away from guns as many of my fellow West Virginians. Unless you hunt or target shoot, the only other reason for a gun is to kill someone. Our society needs fewer guns, not more.

I am writing in agreement with the CEO that my taxes should not be used to fund charter schools. If the Legislature persists in passing this bill, I hope an attorney will open a class action suit to prevent my taxes being used for private, segregated schools.

I have paid for a new deck, sunroom, roof, kitchen and appliances. Every one of these has serious problems mostly with improper installation. It is my opinion that West Virginians are far inferior workmen than any other place I have lived in my 74 years.

To the venter who said private schools should not use tax dollars to teach things he didn’t agree with. This is exactly what Christians say when public schools don’t want to teach creationism. Christians also pay taxes and their views should be respected. Everyone clamors for tolerance but no one wants to tolerate Christians.

The new way of reading the obituaries online is terrible. It’s hard to read and has to much piled on to one page. As a reader I will never understand why people feel they must fix something that’s not broken with something that is. AT&T does this with Direct TV and more companies are following this trend. Simple is so much better.

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