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We knew it was only a matter of time before Trump would ride out the economic wave Obama left for him. Even with the huge tax cuts for the wealthy, he will manage to create another recession like most other Republicans have in the past. He still has no clue what a president should do for the country, he only thinks about himself.

Let’s see how well these liberal women get behind a conservative woman when we nominate Nikki Haley. Something tells me they won’t have much of anything good to say about that.

West Virginia needs a year-round deer season for both bucks and does. We are overrun with them. Growing up we never saw deer at my house. Now we are overrun. They eat and tear up gardens and flowers and many people have stopped planting gardens because of them. The DNR needs to wake up and do the right thing for once.

Maybe rather that always worrying about electing the first black, the first female or the first gay president, the Democrats should worry about electing a person that connects with the working men and women of middle America and listens to what we want.

If any other Republican or Democrat were president right now besides Trump, can you imagine how he would be critiquing the U.S. readiness and preparedness for attacking the coronavirus? He could not tell the truth if his life depended upon it, and some think his political life does depend on it.

Florida Power and Light has rates lower than 46 states and are lowering rates by $4 per month. Use natural gas and solar power! Not a coal plant in system. Maybe West Virginia is on the wrong path again.

We have a wonderful national treasure in West Virginia — Hershel “Woody” Williams.

The same people who complain that Trump isn’t doing enough about the coronavirus are the same people who think nothing of unvaccinated illegal immigrants flooding the country.

Suddenlink has the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with for a large company. What information they give is wrong and the technicians do not show up nor do they call. It is atrocious that a company has so little regard for their paying customers.

There are actually Americans who believe coronavirus is a Democratic hoax because Trump said so. What will they believe when (not if) Trump proclaims gravity is a hoax?

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