Readers' Vent: March 12, 2020

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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I’m a lifelong conservative Republican and an avid Trump supporter, but it’s time for us to send Justice back to Lewisburg to stay. The Ethics Committee may approve of him, but the voters make the final decision.

I grew up working on a tobacco farm, so I understand the desire to reject bad news. However, we all need to know that a recent study found that an estimated 26,610 lives were saved in the U.S. by the shift away from coal between 2005 and 2016. Pollution kills.

I hope every West Virginian looks at this Legislature’s priorities. No help for hungry children, foster parents or roads, but tax relief for private jet owners. What is wrong with these people? I guess sucking up to those who fund their campaigns is the overriding issue. Bil Lepp was right.

If the customers pay for construction of the solar power generating plants through the rate increase and there no fuel charge (sun is free), then will there be any charge for the power that is created?

This Impact Fund looks like just another pie in the sky that will serve only to give money away without any benefit to our state. While they’re at it, shouldn’t they also give a tax break and maybe some free land? What a load!

It seems the Gazette-Mail is arguing for the U.S. to remain in Afghanistan indefinitely, in contrast to previous years of opposition to the American operation there, simply to oppose Trump. Put country ahead of party, and support bringing our troops home.

To the person venting about the AEP employee bonus, ask a CAMC manager what they just received then ask one of the actual workers what they got! Corporate greed at its best.

If the new law about teaching the Bible in school is not really about teaching Christianity but about history, then applicants will not be required to be a Christian to teach it, will they?

Why is it nothing has been done about Suddenlink? Let another cable company come into West Virginia and not a satellite company. Do something. Our bills are too high for the service that you get.

With all these illnesses going around, now is the perfect time to quit putting your hand in your mouth before handing money to a service worker. And teach your kids not put their hand in their mouth. We don’t get paid sick leave!

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