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Yes, most of our elderly people on Medicare did pay into it. Same for social security. And yes they earned that benefit. But those that did not pay into it should not be entitled to the same benefits as those that did. Same for Medicaid which is a entitlement and not a benefit. Handouts are just wrong.

So the WV DNR now is pushing “R3”, their movement to “recruit, retain, and reactivate” hunting and fishing license buyers. I’m afraid their motivation is simple survival of the agency, not protecting natural resources. Teach young people to respect and enjoy the outdoors without killing, and they will fund environmental protection projects as they grow up.

The West Side of Charleston has become more littered with trash than I’ve ever seen it before, while efforts to clean it up by anyone appear to be nonexistent. Since the city has kept the $3 per month rate increase for garbage bags while eliminating further distribution of said bags, I wonder if the mayor might take some of that windfall to hire a couple of additional city employees to exclusively pick up trash on the West Side.

To the reader who thinks the Constitution grants equal rights to everyone. What planet are you on? Do you know why women are fighting so hard for the ERA? Because they were not included. Only white men could vote, and women were regarded as property. Do your homework!

Many countries around the world past and present have been governed by unhinged madmen. The USA used to help change them to a democracy for the people. The USA has now become of those governed by an unhinged incompetent autocrat. Who will help us?

People who are leaving the liberal paradise states of California and New York (soon to be Virginia) because things are so bad need to remember not to vote Democrat when they get to Texas and Florida, that’s what got them in this mess to start with.