Readers' Vent: March 9, 2020

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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The Legislature should pass a religion class instead of just a Bible class. That way our students could learn and be exposed to different religions in the world. Of course, the religious right may not want to admit there are other types of worshipping.

How can anyone have confidence in Senator Sanders who has been in Congress for decades, tried to introduce dozens of bills, but only got three passed, and two of them were just naming post offices. As CEO of my own firm, I would never hire someone to be president who has such an unbelievably thin record of accomplishment and ability to get anything done.

Please remind me, Republicans, what did President Trump say about the two liberal Supreme Court justices a couple of weeks ago?

If an active shooter bursts into wherever you are, seems to me the logical thing to do is drop him in his tracks with a kill shot. But, what do I know? I’m a gun owner.

If you are a business owner you might want to tell your employees to ignore Trump’s advice and not come into work sick. This could easily be transferred to co-workers’ families that might include vulnerable individuals.

In accord with standard procedures in the West Virginia Legislature, I would like to propose a “working title” for the Senate bill establishing an additional layer of courts and judges: call it the Lawyers Income Enhancement by Hearing Extensions And Process Simulation, or LIEHEAPS for short.

About one week ago the leader of the free world, I mean President Trump, said the virus count in the U.S. was at 12 and would soon be zero. Turns out electing buffoon was not so funny.

I called the WVAWC customer service line last month when my water was rusty colored. I was told that there was no work going on in the area to cause it. I was also told that someone would call me within 24 hours to further discuss. No one called. The water did clear up after flushing several times and letting water run though the pipes. I have not drank the water since. This is a perfect example of pathetic customer service, which is not uncommon with the WVAWC. Thanks PSC.

Well nine states went out and won for The Gaffer. Gaffer Joe will be throttled by his campaign to be on teleprompter for his speeches to prevent gaffes because his mind can’t keep up with his mouth. They will try to stay out of town halls because they can’t be scripted.

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