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Readers' Vent: May 31, 2019

Mueller’s report may tell everything, but Congress hasn’t seen it all, so they should subpoena him to get the full story.

Why does WSAZ channel 3 keep bragging about their role in stopping the county syringe exchange program? All they did was take advantage of a sad situation to promote their supposed reporting prowess. Are they really proud of that?

As one who is a CEO of a for-profit manufacturing business, I strongly disagree that the charter schools should have any of my taxes, designated education funds, taken away from public schools all too limited financial resources. If privately-owned charter schools are so great, let them completely fund themselves and live and die on market acceptance and their performance.

I’d much rather have a president that puts America above all else with some questions in his background than one that’s an apologizing appeaser that gives everything to our enemies. I want an American president not a global president.

Publicly funded charter schools are nothing more than a return to segregated schools, intended to exclude lower performing students (and others we wont mention). It stands to reason they would have higher test scores. If the parents want private, segregated, schools for their children, let them continue to privately pay for them as they have in the past.

After watching the current Republican legislature in action one can see why West Virginia went so long with them being the minority party. Once the current crop is voted out it will likely be another human lifetime before they can come back.

Don’t let either CNN or Fox tell you what is in the Mueller report. You can download it and read it yourself. I did.

I work everyday. I’m also saddled with family members who refuse to work and chose to be drug addicts. Let me stand up and say absolutely these types are unfit to be parents. They are unfit to be loose in society as well.

What if global warming turns out to be an actual hoax, and we’ve made our world a better place to live, for nothing?

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