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Readers' Vent: May 7, 2019

I agree with the person who said the new Jefferson Road should have been designed to take traffic to and from the interstate, not just MacCorkle Avenue. We are creating a bottleneck on MacCorkle for people who want to go west on I-64 and on Kanawha Turnpike who want to go east.

If a small dog is in a zipped-up pet stroller, it is better off in a store than in a car?

Please understand that, for ALEC and their ilk, charter schools are about indoctrinating children with “alternative facts.” Fascists rely on propaganda, misinformation and lies.

I always wondered why there wasn’t a law about dogs running loose. I am tired of them sleeping on my porch furniture and ruining it, and also trying not to hit them on our road.

If you’re over the age of 18 and able to name all the Avenger movies, plus name all the ways to kill zombies on Game of Thrones, but you can’t name the vice president, you are not an adult.

Germany, France and other countries are being overrun by a wave of Islamic migrants. They’re not laughing at our president. They’re envious, wishing their leaders had the nerve to stand up for their countries safety, like our’s does.

We would like to thank the couple who paid for our lunch this morning at Hardings. What a wonderful surprise. God bless you!

Democrats need to impeach Barr, because he is lawless, as shown by his lies to Congress. He will likely try to interfere or stop the remaining Russian investigations. They need to get rid of him.

If you can’t work to support yourself, don’t have children. The children deserve better. Not to mention you’re a burden to those who do work to provide for their families. There used to be a thing called pride.

When will the law enforcement start stopping these semis and coal trucks for speeding? How many wrecks have to happen? How many people have to die?

Of course A.G. Morrisey would cut a low ball opioid deal... his wife is a lobbyist for Big Pharma.

I wouldn’t vote for Jim Justice again unless my sweet Lord Jesus came down here and asked me himself.

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