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Readers' Vent: May 28, 2019

Why do writers from “The Independent Women’s Forum” in Washington, D.C., and “The Heartland Institute” in Arlington Heights, Illinois, feel compelled to write an editorial for the Gazette supporting Republican efforts to allow charter schools and ESAs in West Virginia? All they are doing is demonstrating that these changes are being dictated by out-of-state conservative groups.

How can the State of West Virginia tell me that they don’t have to give me back all of the refund they owe me when I have no outstanding debt to them? How is that legal? It sure sounds like a theft to me. If I paid more than I owed then they owe me my money. Now with interest. Such crooks.

We need to vote him and his buddies out because of his moral depravity. He’s made more than 10,000 false or misleading claims already, including his claim that the report cleared him of obstruction (download it and read for yourself). Is he the role model we want for our children?

The willful ignorance of the anti-abortion people is evident in the vent in last Saturday’s paper saying that abortions are just for convenience, which is totally untrue. If they really cared about the issue they should at least educate themselves on the actual facts and not believe the propaganda of the twisted anti-abortionists.

One of the first wind farms staked on West Virginia hills supplies power to the state of Maryland. We need to have it stay home and make corporations do what they promised to do and build generators that get new protections for birds being killed unnecessarily.

The name of the PSC, Public Service Commission, should be changed to the USC, the Utilities Service Commission. After all, isn’t that who they serve the most?

On the federal level, my wife and I paid lower taxes this year. On the state level, we overpaid and the state is trying to tell us that even though we did overpay, they are not going to return all the money we overpaid back to us. Don’t laugh, it’s true and we are not the only ones. I call that stealing. We’ll see what the courts have to say about it.

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