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Readers' Vent: May 27, 2019

To the graph seeker who seems to be an expert in determining why a women would chose to have an abortion, reason number one is: It’s none of your business!

We certainly don’t want any “chaos” among all those “hundreds” of elementary students milling around in the lunch room, wasting food. We should bring in military instructors, tell them to be silent and sit straight. Show them who is boss, by golly.

Chappell Road has become extremely dangerous for residents because of speeding cars and trucks. It’s not only unsafe for children whose yards come right down to the pavement, but for adults trying to get their mail or walking on the road. One contributing reason is because there are no speed limit signs up the hill. Something must be done before someone gets killed.

“Public” means for the people. Keep public schools public.

The moral crisis of our age has nothing to do with abortion or gay marriage. It’s the corporate and billionaire payoff of politicians, who have developed policies that keep ordinary people from paying for their medications; that crush college grads for their loans by making them pay higher interest than banks do; and the huge and growing income gap and wealth gap. The billionaires have hijacked our democracy, because too many of us haven’t been paying close attention.

I think the so-called West Virginia special session will bring us more Republican lies in their attempt to ingratiate themselves to their national party bosses by shoving ALEC’s irrational education policy down our throats. Republicans will not abandon their push to destroy the U.S. education system so we must vote them out.

Republican leadership in West Virginia is completely out of touch with not only citizens but what is needed. Road work maintenance crews that are our own workers would employ hundreds and keep wages in state. We lack plans now. Wasting money for schools we already have, ludicrous.

Charter schools perpetuate segregation. Students can be pre-selected using various criteria, or the charter school can send students who “don’t fit” back to their old neighborhood schools as the year progresses. We’ve already mainstreamed students with special needs, so why are we now considering setting up “special” schools, and segregating our kids yet again?

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