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Readers' Vent: May 1, 2019

Is anyone paying attention to the recent emphasis on road conditions in Marshall County? This is admittedly by all sides due to truck traffic for natural gas fracking. Frack-wells are coming to all counties people, and we already have irreparable road conditions. And you thought coal mining was bad? Unlike coal mining, fracking will be in everyone’s back yard.

I just visited the Kanawha City mall. It looks like the DMV has taken over most of the inside of this mall. Why does the DMV need so many offices? Makes no sense. The state is struggling for money yet, DMV has almost all the space inside the mall.

First Gov. Justice switches parties, when voters elected him as a Democrat. Psych. Now Sen. Manchin wants to ditch the will of the voters, who elected him to the Senate, to run for governor. Psych. Voters need to command respect by never, never voting for a politician who shows them so little respect. That is a fitting consequence for lack of honor.

Regarding that Jefferson Road roundabout, I agree with the person regarding the future accidents. I would say that maybe one percent of the drivers have ever driven on one. It could be a Chevy Chase moment when they were in London.

It makes me sad to read the comments in the Readers’ Vent. My father always told me the loudest person in the room is the weakest. We certainly have some loud people being exposed in this forum.

Recently, a very malnourished, declawed cat came on my property. It was starving. I started feeding the cat and it looks better. I can’t take care of a cat but the Charleston animal shelter (“a no kill shelter”) has refused it. Somebody put the cat out of their house or left town without it, and I just would like to say that leaving a declawed cat to take care of itself pretty much makes you a creep of the worst order.

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