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Readers' Vent: May 18, 2019

Serving meals to hundreds of young students at one time must be a strictly organized event, to insure safety and prevent chaos. It does not begin to compare to adults socializing over a meal. Student socialization occurs during other events inside and outside of the school setting.

I thought Sadd’s “commencement speech” was pretty accurate. If you thought it was “Sadd”. Maybe you’re part of the younger generation’s problem.

I’d like to see a graph showing a breakdown of reasons for getting an abortion. Rape, incest, financial, mother’s health, etc. my guess the most common reason would be convenience. All the reasons given by pro-choice supporters are little more than talking points with little fact backing it up.

How are we doing getting a school started for Herbert Hoover the board was working on it right? That is the last announcement that was in the paper.

I don’t blame the citizens of Hurricane for wanting a say what moves into their town. Citizens should always have a say. I live in Alum Creek. We got stuck with a drug treatment center that no one wanted. The clients aren’t even from our area. Since it opened we’ve had break ins, more trash tossed out and they park and block the road. We don’t want it in our community. But we were never given a say. If we did it would be gone tomorrow.

If you’re so concerned about an unplanned pregnancy ruining your life I have some ideas. Either don’t have sex or use birth control, which is cheap and readily available. Sex is the means to create beautiful life. You are not the victim. You are a short sighted, selfish person trying to justify the murder of an innocent. You know, the real victim.

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