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Readers' Vent: May 30, 2019

When are Carmichael and Rucker going to understand most or the people are not fans of charter schools, that takes money away from the public schools. I think they understand that but want their own selfish ways. Bad enough now that teachers take money out of their own pockets to help students, charter schools would put more of a hardship on students. There are many students who would not have what they need without help from teachers and others.

Why aren’t drug makers facing their first trial in West Virginia? After all, our state has been hardest hit by the opioid epidemic. Could it be that our attorney general is less assiduous in pursuing them?

It takes two to create a baby. If we are to accept that abortion should be allowed as a means of simple birth control, then both the father and mother should have a equal say in what happens to that baby. Once pregnant, it’s not just about the woman it’s about much more.

Quite often police cars and ambulances are stolen as they sit unattended with the keys in them. I do not understand why this continues to happen when the obvious solution is to simply not leave the vehicles with the keys in them. The negligent drivers should be punished with a fine or somehow ensure their compliance. Postal workers, and other delivery drivers manage their rounds without having their vehicles stolen so why can’t police and EMTs do the same?

Red lights have been ignored/run-through in Charleston for years now. An early yellow used to be observed. A disregard for late yellow slowdown began around town at least four years ago. Red still means stop.

A recent venter said the president is “morally depraved.” At least he is an advocate for the U.S., something which cannot be said for Obama. He made bad deal, after bad deal, most of them weakening our standing in world economics. The Paris Climate agreement and the Iran nuclear deal are examples.

The same denseness being used by the mountain climbers in Nepal is leading our nation today. The lack of knowledgeable and well informed decisions is worse than a third world leader costing lives, money, and time that can never be made up.

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