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Readers' Vent: May 22, 2019

Roundabouts work all over the country. If they don’t work here in West Virginia it’s not the roundabout’s fault. We were just on vacation in a much larger city and we used several roundabouts with no problems at all. So stop blaming the roundabouts. Blame the drivers who can’t use them.

It seems to me that if the government can force a woman to have a child, then, morally, the government is responsible for the health, welfare and financial support of that child.

Do you need God to be a good person? If you do then I feel sorry and a little bit afraid of you!

Isn’t it amazing that we had two years with both houses of Congress and the White House in Republican control, but they didn’t act at all about abortion. Now some states are enacting local laws. Well, we are gearing up for an election. The Republicans are just using that issue again to get votes. Then when they had the power, nothing!

Freedom has consequences.

Now that summer is here I would like to invite our governor, who in theory lives right up the street, or our new mayor Amy Goodwin to come visit the East End AIDS Garden. As the East End is marketed as funky, urban and vibrant, I am sure Amy and Jim will feel right at home with the day drinkers, dope fiends and homeless. Charleston police have given up, what about you, mayor?

Thank you, House Democrats, for proposing real education reform. Stay strong.

Front page of your Tuesday’s paper dredges up the subject of needle exchange and how it lowered quality of life for the 27 illegal drug users in a Johns Hopkins study. Wake up voting tax payers and look how wonderful our city is without needles and the criminals who use them and yes they are criminals. Do not use tax payer money to enable drug use!

Public means for the people. Keep public schools public.

Calm down liberals no one is coming for your abortions. We just need common-sense abortion control.

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