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Readers' Vent: May 14, 2019

I wonder how the governor would deal with an employee who routinely was absent from work? I also wonder how I would be treated if I refused to pay my taxes on time or refused to pay them at all?

I cannot believe we are hiring out-of-state contractors to paint the stripes on the roads that are in disrepair so badly. Use this money to fix the roads not just the interstates. Never seen the roads in this bad shape even in the worst times.

All the problems in our country and world and all you can find to worry about is the number of golf courses in Charleston. Maybe you should move to a flatter state where they can stick a course anywhere they want.

We need some new blood to replace the stale ideas being put fourth by the Republicans in the legislature, who keep trying to pass bills that will only enhance their back pocket. They do not represent the West Virginia public.

Economic impact of a soccer tournament is simple. Thousands of people will end up spending hundreds daily at area restaurants, hotels and gas stations. That’s millions, not thousands.

If the license plates on state cars and trucks are no longer green, then why do we still see some state cars/trucks with green plates?

I am convinced that Governor Justice’s antics and the DOH withholding road repair are both part of an elaborate plan orchestrated by the Manchin machine so the senator can return to retire as governor, raise taxes and ensure Republicans in this state lose their foothold because it would be impossible for a governor and agency to be so bumbling except through deliberate action.

MSHA is content with compliant dust samples taken by coal operators and MSHA inspectors. As usual, head in the sand philosophy while our coal miners continue to die from black lung.

After the Kermit photo op. Warren supporters told me I needed to listen to what she says. I have. Warren, Biden, Sanders and all the rest of the Democrats. I haven’t heard a single thing from any of them a sane person would support.

To those that think the roundabout won’t work because there’s too much traffic has never seen the one in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Always a lot of traffic and never a backup

As an avid crossword puzzle worker, I truly appreciate it when the puzzles are on one page. Even having one puzzle on the back saves tearing out two pages.

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