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Readers' Vent: May 29, 2019

Jefferson, Adams, Madison, et al, must be spinning in their graves at the antics in Washington these days.

An abundance of fresh striping, plenty of new guardrail and a little mowing but not the first shovel of asphalt laid down in most locales. Just business as usual at the DOH since the governor donned the safety vest and promised more funding, except now this same non-essential work is being done on overtime.

Pro-life and pro-gun? How can that be! It’s not rational. It’s not logical. It’s not sane. It’s crazy!

Feeding the American public false and edited video comes straight out of Russia. They need to impeach and prosecute this mob family. Where are the West Virginia Senate and House Representatives? Nothing but silence.

You can always tell the slacker who stoops to pouncing on the poor, suggesting they are unfit to raise a family because of being on drugs, lazy or whatever. Speaking untruths about a class below their pay scale somehow makes them a more superficially glamorous person then they are.

Whats up with our governor and the DOH? Have they forgotten about eastern Kanawha county? Route 60 between Shrewsbury and Glasgow is a mess. I’m 74 years old and I believe our secondary roads are as bad as I’ve ever seen them.

What’s the point of the ex-mayor reiterating his well-known view of the needle exchange program? Who cares what his opinion is now besides himself? He had many years to express his opinions, and he did. I guess he can’t stand being out of the spotlight now.

They really need to put some cops at the beginning of the road construction because I go through it every morning and when you get to the flashing 50 mph signs, no one slows down. There is going to be a bad accident if something isn’t done with the speeders out there. I’m afraid to drive through there because of the stupid people.

I don’t care if there are charter schools. They are very successful in other states. Who cares? You worry about that when you should be worried about these kids being able to read, do math and write. The teachers and parents in this state should be ashamed that many of these kids have to take remedial courses in college because they aren’t prepared. You guys are worried about the wrong things.

Good can also be twisted to seem evil. Keep that in mind.

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