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Readers' Vent: May 16, 2019

Motorcycles have no practical safe use for police work as evidenced by another multi-cycle crash in a Presidential motorcade in Louisiana, so why are West Virginia police trying to revive the practice here? Motorcycles are inherently unsafe and useful only as recreational toys or frugal transportation.

The Republicans can take their charter schools and go back out of state, taking their get rich quick schemes with them. We don’t have the extra monies fooling around up there in the Capitol. Enough has been wasted, take a hike.

Let’s start a campaign to put the issue of charter schools, education vouchers, and all the rest of the ALEC sponsored nonsense on the ballot. Let the people decide where they want their money to go. I do not trust these “conflict of interest” money hungry legislators to make that decision. I do not feel they should have a part in deciding the issue. Of course I am not speaking of all legislators, just those in the majority.

Republicans: Eat right, exercise, stay healthy. I want you to live long enough to see what your willful ignorance on climate change does to your children and grandchildren.

Our absentee governor, who swore an oath to uphold the state constitution, continues to violate the very same constitution on a daily basis. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the impeachment proceedings? Apparently when one is rich, laws do not apply.

I totally support the president’s tariffs. I don’t mind paying 25-30 percent more for things made in China. Let’s teach those commie socialist liberals a lesson!

Unless you have a marked parking space that you own, the street is public parking. It’d be wise for residents to remember that.

Country Club Boulevard has become a very dangerous road in South Charleston. People speeding, cars parked on the side of the road and dangerous top of hills and curves. Our councilwoman has received complaints about installing no parking signs on top of hills and curves in the past. She has not done a thing, just tell the residents what they want to hear with no outcome. We need someone else, a council person who can do the job before someone gets killed on this road.

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