Readers' Vent: Nov. 12, 2019

You mention the Constitution but apparently haven’t read it. The House gathers evidence to decide if the president should be impeached, like a grand jury. The trial will be before the Senate, where the president has due process, including witnesses.

No mass shootings, no children in cages at the border and no climate change in the news. The Democrats are going all in on impeachment, impeachment, impeachment!

Second week of November and already the weather forecast says things like “ brutal, dangerous, arctic blast and record breaking.” Global warming my a**.

Bills sent to Senate to be left sitting on desk isn’t anything new. Democrats have used same tactic in the past when they controlled Senate. Complaining now is just one more example of Democrat Hypocrisy.

MAGA was the ultimate con job. It required one to believe America was no longer great and also required one to believe the con artist himself was the only person capable of fixing it. If you wear that hat, you’ve been conned.

It is hilarious that Republicans complain that Democrats don’t give Trump a chance. I clearly remember how Obama was treated. Enough said.

Perhaps climate change proponents should pay attention to other news, one item being the amount of coal taken out of the ground by wildcat miners in India. It appears there is a market for cheap coal, and Indians don’t intend to stop burning it. They apparently have an aversion to being cold and in the dark. Sorry, Greta Thunberg.

It’s not a matter of just “banning wildfires” in California. It’s preventive measures most other states take to prevent fires that California refuses to try. They’ll pass a law to save a snail and then sit back and watch a fire destroy the snail and a dozen other species.

Veterans Day is a time to reflect and to show our military veterans how much we appreciate them and their many sacrifices in support of our freedom. On this day, I urge everyone to take a few seconds and thank each veteran you encounter. Better yet, thank every service member you meet also. God Bless America and those who gladly defend her.

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