Readers' Vent: Nov. 1, 2019

Can’t make this stuff up. Oak Park, IL. Liberal town officials wanting to make a statement concerning town diversity. They’re fighting over which official is most oppressed and has the right to make the statement. Can’t just be a liberal. You have to be more liberal than the other liberal.

Thank you Ben Salango for running for governor, now all of us old golfers and our families and their families and their families can vote against you for taking our beautiful golf course and turning it over to kids from Virginia, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania for three weeks a year.

Why on earth is Bransfield not in jail? For that matter, why are most of the priests who abused children not in jail. That they are walking around free just compounds the crime.

OK. If the House Democrats are so sure they can “impeach” the president, why don’t they go ahead and do it? Or, are they afraid of the voters. If he is such a criminal, it should be no problem to carry out their plan.

My wife requires a prescription that the very same product is available full retail in Canada, no insurance co-pay, for $199 for one month, and $276 for a 2 month supply. Here in good old USA, where our Congress members are “bought-and-paid-for” Big Pharma Lemmings, our cost is $472 as a co-pay for 1 month! Why do we voters tolerate these health care ripoffs?

Thanks to the City of Charleston for cleaning up Kanawha Rifleman Memorial Park on the Blvd. The park looks great.

Another coal company to file bankruptcy and leave the taxpayers on the hook for their pension, healthcare and reclamation obligations, while their executives walk away with golden parachutes. When will WV stop letting these thieves pillage our natural resources and exploit our workers?

I don’t understand why trick or treat was moved to Saturday. As of Wednesday night, the forecast is upper 40s lower 50s and 55 percent chance or less for Thursday night. This change has caused a terrible inconvenience to people who have plans with and without their children. Why couldn’t parents be responsible to keep their children inside if the weather is threatening? This is an example of the Nanny State over-reaching again! Parents need to parent and not have the rest of us inconvenienced because of a weather forecast.

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