Readers' Vent: Nov. 11, 2019

Our little coal camp ghost town is waiting for the return of all those coal miners.

It’s unfair to blame Trump for today’s Republican Party. It’s been trending this way since Nixon’s “southern strategy,” and especially after Newt Gingrich. Trump is not the cause, he is the consequence.

If the Democrats had the ironclad evidence for impeachment they claim. They wouldn’t be spending so much time in front of mics telling us. They’d be showing us the evidence to prove their case. Not telling us they need to dig for more “evidence.” Just like the Mueller probe. They’re making up another story to get permission to create another story.

Looks like Mike Stuart has become a overzealous enforcer on a crusade.

To the person who says Democrats should be impeached for not doing anything in the last two years — they have sent over 200 bills to the Senate to help the American people in that many ways, but the Republican Senate refuses to even look at or vote on them.

What is wrong with this picture? And ask yourself why people are leaving this state. Seniors can only afford so much.

In this time of deep division there is one topic that most people agree on. That topic is let’s stay on daylight saving time year around. There is no good reason to change back to standard time. People need daylight after work. Getting dark at 5 p.m. is depressing. If Congress would do their jobs and listen to the people for once this would be a easy win for both sides.

You’ll never make me believe a police officer would chase someone and beat or shoot them just because they can. Something led up to it.

The Constitution gives a person the right to “due process”. That includes the president. His being allowed to call witnesses is part of that. The Democrats trying to block that right just proves how much of a kangaroo court they’re trying to run.

I’ll say it again; every time I see that some idiot has run down the orange cones in a construction site; I can clearly see why we are last in everything. What ignorance.

If you are ever in the cross hairs of a prosecutor, they do not start their investigation with public hearings. Public hearings only start if the case goes to trial. Why should Trump be treated any differently?

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