Readers' Vent: Nov. 6, 2019

In Tuesday’s article about the declining steel industry in the U.S., a quote about the imposition of Trump’s tariffs said “it seems like it kind of backfired.” Seems like a great summary of the whole Trump term of office.

When a “suspect” refuses to take their hands out of their pockets the police officer has every right to use force to make them compliant. That pocket could contain a gun, knife, pepper spray or even a roll of quarters that could be used against the officer.

I am continually dismayed at the Trump administration’s disregard for air and water quality that is needed for us and future generations to live healthy lives. Allowing coal-fired power plants to dump heavy metals, such as arsenic, mercury and selenium into our waterways is insane. To defend and protect citizens sure isn’t in this thought pattern. We need real change in the White House, before it is too late!

I agree with the headline of your editorial, “Give voters some credit.” Quit trying to invalidate the 2016 election. Democrats have been talking about and trying to impeach before President Trump even took office. Frankly, it is getting a little old.

As for me and my house, we will not follow a habitual liar.

I’m not sure I even know what Congressman Alex Mooney looks like. I’ve never seen him around here. Maybe folks in the eastern panhandle or Maryland know what he looks like.

Please do not honk at me if I don’t speed away when the light turns green. I make sure that there is not an entitled idiot running a red light first.

The Catholic Church is not the only denomination that covers up and minimizes the extent of sexual abuse among so-called pastors. Justice delayed is justice denied, and the day of reckoning is coming for those who refuse to deal with predatory preachers, youth leaders, deacons, and elders. God help all congregations to support victims of sexual abusers who hide behind their pulpits.

How much could Medicare cost if all the advertisements were removed from TV, and all the junk mail would stop. I get letters weekly from insurers wanting me to sign up. Think of the money spent to send these mailers, stamps, paper. This is a substantial amount just for my household.

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