Readers Vent: Nov. 20, 2019

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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I agree with Chuck Landon, we don’t need four sports classifications. Leave them at three and regarding football, only allow eight teams for the playoffs. That increases competitive games and also shortens the season for the students.

Trump’s true colors are red and green. Not as Christmas colors, but red for Russia and green for money.

Taxpayers who never go and never plan to go to the racetracks should not have to bail them out every year. It is time to stop subsidizing the dog and horse tracks and use this money to fix the roads.

If the Charleston Police Department has a policy that makes it OK for one officer to assist another by sprinting from his car, dropping to his knee and immediately start pummeling someone who is pinned down, then that policy does indeed need revised.

Isn’t it absurdly hypocritical that our draft-dodging president is going to Walter Reed, our foremost Veterans Administration hospital.

If you paid attention to the actual kangaroo court hearings vs. listening to the condensed version on evening news you’d realize this is nothing more than another waste of tax dollars by the Democrats.

Clinton was impeached for lying about an affair while under oath. Trump lies numerous times each and every day. He refuses to allow his employees to testify under oath because he fears they’ll be honest. He won’t go under oath because he can’t be honest about anything.

If BridgeValley moves to downtown Charleston that will be the biggest mistake they have ever made. Parking is terrible and every employee has to pay that outrageous Charleston fee. Plus you pay for parking. Don’t do it.

Want evidence of climate change? Tucker County’s leaf peepers tour has been the last weekend of September for at least 20 years. For the past few years it’s been as green as midsummer. Peak color about three weeks later now.

I see we had a groundbreaking in Beckley regarding broadband. I think we should work harder to get funds so everyone in West Virginia can have drinkable water. Broadband is not more important than water.

Are you thinking there aren’t enough streets in Charleston to name more than one after a civil rights leader? Or are you thinking that the civil rights movement (or perhaps more accurately, the black community) doesn’t deserve more than one?

Traditionally Christians have been a solid foundation for society. They insisted on honesty from our leaders. Apparently social media has given the GOP and others the power to change this tradition.

Maybe some Democrats need to grow backbones and stand up to Pelosi, Schumer and AOC. Several are between a rock and a hard place. They want to help America with Trump but are afraid Democrats will blackball them.

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