Readers' Vent: Nov. 19, 2019

No one should be afraid of the truth. Why won’t the president allow knowledgeable people to testify? Why won’t he release the relevant documents? Why is he afraid of the truth?

You know there is something wrong when the same people that cheer pardoning murderers, rapists, thieves and drug dealers complain when some of our brave soldiers that were truly wronged get pardoned. They are a sad bunch.

If climate change is so difficult to demonstrate, why do deniers get incensed when confronted with facts?

Once again a story about President Trump’s foreign trade policies didn’t tell the whole story. The policies hurt China as much as they hurt us. They’re returning to table for new negotiations. Next year’s numbers could be better than ever if Democrats would quit getting in the way.

Climate change is the term used by deniers because it is long-range and imprecise. Global warming is driving climate change, and global warming is observable, measurable and undeniable.

Looks like the NBA is scripting their games this year. Lakers games look like Harlem Globetrotters playing the Washington Generals. Other teams aren’t playing. They’re standing flat-footed letting “King James” draw more people into NBA games.

Walmart didn’t do anything to local economies that Sears, Montgomery Ward, Kroger, Lowe’s, McDonald’s and Exxon hadn’t been doing for 100 years. They just combined all of the above into one store.

Natalie Tennant did not cast an electoral college vote for Clinton in 2016. This state’s EC votes were cast for Donald Trump. You can have your own opinion but not your own facts.

Congratulations to WVU’s club team for winning the 2019 American College Cricket National Championship. Let’s go, Mountaineers! Beat Pitt!

Regarding the story in Sunday’s paper about the “hunter” who monitored a beautiful buck with motion cameras for many years, until his antlers had grown large enough to take. Then on the day of his “hunt” he used the cameras again to locate the buck and then kill him. What a great “hunter” and “sportsman“ you are, sir.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is a fair analogy of Trump. Does it make Senator Capito a sheep or a part of the wolf pack?

The “deep state” turns out to be, the best, brightest, most honest, most professional, most patriotic, career politicians. While the GOP turns out to be the swamp.

There are too many people with mental illness wandering the streets. That is what happened in Charleston and of course it goes on all over West Virginia. Hospitals should be required to set aside rooms and treatment for the mentally ill. Our mental hygiene system does not work because there is not enough treatment available.

Ask any veteran of a foreign war their opinion of Colin Kaepernick. And I’d say you better stand back when you do.

We fought the Revolutionary War to get away from a dictatorship. What is a president with no one to maintain oversight?

If anyone found a gold, wide band diamond ring at Goody’s in St. Albans, please be honest and turn it in. The ladies at Goody’s will contact me. This ring has great sentimental value. You will receive a reward, which is more than the ring is worth for just turning it in. Thank you.

Trump has had three years to show us his true colors and they definitely are not red, white and blue. His daily twitter attacks and personal verbal assaults indicate his real true colors are black and blue.

Why does BridgeValley keep trying to move into crowded quarters with no parking for students or staff ?Why not look into the shuttered Kmart location on Patrick Street? Perfect for expanding programs and training.

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