Readers' Vent: Nov. 2, 2019

Hats off to Fred Dillon of St. Albans. He did a wonderful job in such a short letter to the editor. His views seem like common sense to me. I wish someone could explain the opposite view in the same fashion while offering indisputable facts like Mr. Dillon did.

I appreciate the various drives to raise awareness and provide for those in need. But would news outlets please stop videoing and showing it on the news? Neither the adults or the children need reminded they need help and the children are made fun of by their classmates.

I really hope Republicans aren’t getting ready to teach my children that some people are above the law.

Just because test scores are low teachers get criticism from all the high achievers not working at home with their children. A parent needs to spend time away from the beer joint, football game, soap operas.

I love the comment about the prophylactic on the Capitol dome. The problem is that it’s way too late. Too many politicians have already been born and ruined this country and our state.

This country is falling apart. We have rampant drug usage, crime is rampant, we are bleeding money, we have way too many homeless people, we need welfare reform, and yet for the last two years all Democrats have been worried about is impeaching Trump. Well I think they need impeached for dereliction of their duty.

Guardrails might be good but actually fixing and paving roads would be better. If we can afford all these new guardrails then we can afford to fix the roads which should be the top priority.

When kids do poorly in school, the first place to look is at the children’s home, a child’s first learning environment. What is happening between parent and child? Parents must make their children’s learning the top priority.

Democrats are making a mistake allowing Republicans to call their own “witnesses.” You’ll see them call conspiracy theorists who should have no place testifying, attempts to publicly identify the whistle-blower, and attempts by the White House to threaten witnesses. Republicans will do all they can to make a farce of it, because Trump has no legitimate defense to his treasonous actions.

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