Readers' Vent: Nov. 29, 2019

Which came first. Chicken or the egg. People claim climate change is caused by fossil fuels. Didn’t climate change create the fossils that later became fossil fuel.

Anyone can see that Charleston is a dying city. The evidence is all around us. Vacant buildings, rundown neighborhoods, vagrants everywhere, businesses fleeing for outlying areas. Then comes along this mayor. She seems bent on changing the city I was born in, raised in, lived in and raised my children in and where I worked, into a place that not only don’t I recognize, but one I don’t like. Now her policies will chase good people away. Sad times we live in.

I’d rather my kids get up and get ready for school in the dark than to not have any daylight in the evenings. We need to stay on daylight saving time year around. I don’t care about daylight in the mornings. I want day light in the evenings.

Republicans are allowing Trump to ruin our government.

Governor Greenbrier wants us to waste money on Hyperloop, which isn’t practical for our mountainous terrain. I can only imagine he has some plan to make money off it.

Kudos to the Gazette-Mail for spotlighting the issue with West Virginia State Police. This has been long overdue as these problems have been going on for years.

It’s time to close Bluefield State College! Mercer County has two colleges. One is enough. Our Legislature needs to save money and closing Bluefield State is a fine first step.

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