Readers' Vent: Nov. 14, 2019

Why is that Suddenlink cannot provide decent cable service and internet in the Alum Creek area? The cable is constantly pixelated and the internet is never the speed you pay for. I’ve talked to several people in the area that have the same problems. When you call Suddenlink, time after time, they either say they aren’t aware of any problems or they say they are working on it. Which is it?

Will FOX News broadcast the impeachment hearing so that viewers can see/hear the truth from witnesses or will they just show third-hand fake news as they usually do?

Once upon a time it was illegal to use rumors, innuendos and slander to hurt a person’s reputation and business. Guess who changed that? The Democrats.

In reference to Tuesday’s editorial, West Virginia will never have anti-SLAPP legislation because the West Virginia Legislature’s main directive is to protect their corporate masters at all costs. They will never do anything to help the health or welfare of West Virginia citizens if it offends the likes of Robert Murray, Jim Justice, or any other fossil fuel bigwig. They know who owns them and it sure isn’t us.

People who won’t study global warming still don’t understand why we have more extreme cold weather too. Warmer ocean temperatures affect cold weather patterns as well as warmer ones.

Someone said the Republicans did not give President Obama a chance. He started out with a Democrat majority in both the House and the Senate, then lost it. Sounds like there were a few others who did not want him to have a chance at socialism, globalism and a federal government to rule every aspect of your life.

I highly recommend the French Creek Game Farm that I visited recently. Small admittance fee. Animals native to or living in West Virginia: wild turkey, bobcat, coyote, wolves, red and gray foxes, horned owl, skunks, mountain lion, deer and many others. Very enjoyable and a beautiful setting in the woods.

Does the GOP have a new oath that supersedes the oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution? If they continue to obstruct the impeachment inquiry the answer is yes.

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