Readers' Vent: Nov. 15, 2019

Questioning the so-called climate change experts is not denying anything. It’s trying to make a informed decision. I did a search for scientists that support climate change and those who deny it or think it has a lesser effect. Believe it or not there are thousands of scientists on both sides of the argument. So why pick a side? Find a moderate point and work from there.

In 2016, Natalie Tennant cast West Virginia’s electoral college vote to Hillary Clinton even though voters had overwhelming voted for Bernie Sanders. I can’t vote for her.

He’s going to execute drug dealers and stop abortions. Thrasher’s just another extreme right demagogue, and we have enough of them already.

I see where City of Charleston will be bringing students into City Hall to watch how things work. Guess the search is still on to find people who know what they’re doing.

City of Nitro can’t control traffic backups at the Pilot Truck Stop. What makes them think they can fix the problem in Cross Lanes?

After years, even decades, of columns in the Gazette-Mail, Phil Kabler finally got something right: his take on the daylight saving time issue in Sunday’s column. Congrats, Phil!

Is there not one Republican who actually has a backbone and can stand up to Trump? If they do they’ll be in for a surprise as to whom will vote for them. If not, they just might be in for a rude awakening come election time. I, for one, as a Republican, will not vote for Trump. Didn’t vote for him in the first place. Didn’t vote at all.

From a Boomer to the Millennials and Generation Z, if you want a future planet to live on without severe drought and or flooding, you had better start voting these old politicians out of office.

No, no, no! We do not need to be renaming streets. Court Street was named Court Street for obvious reasons. If some want to name a street after Martin Luther King, fine. Might I suggest Leon Sullivan way.

Harvey Peyton and Mark Sadd represent opposite sides of the coin. Growing old doesn’t have to mean losing touch with the here and now. But sometimes it happens anyway. America was never about longing for the past and I’m betting it’s not about recapturing some idealized past today.

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