Readers' Vent: Oct. 25, 2019

Thank you Republican Congressional Representatives for your childish demonstration of how to shut down government through mob action. It was a disgusting display of disrespect and, hopefully, it will not become the new “norm” for protesting legitimate activities of government.

If the Dems go ahead with an impeachment attempt, can we at least have more information about how the Bidens are connected financially to Ukraine? Seems reasonable to me.

Could the Gazette-Mail please ask Senator Capito if the president is above the law?

Rep. Alex Mooney broke into and broadcast publicly from a secured, classified Congressional hearing today, breaking two federal laws. He has disgraced the office and violated public trust. He should resign immediately.

The reason West Virginia is getting less than a proportional amount of all opioid settlements is because we have a carpetbagger for state attorney general. The only thing Morrisey has taken a lead on is taking health care from his own constituents.

Possible gun solution: Keep your minds on your kids, and keep your arms to yourself.

All those who believe the president made a mistake withdrawing soldiers from a dangerous place should themselves be willing to put their own buns on the line, or those of a son or daughter.

I am very sorry, but not surprised, that Corey Palumbo is leaving our Legislature. Too many of the steady hands at the helm are worn out being the steady hands at the helm.

Just saw Elizabeth Warren standing with the striking Chicago teachers. There’s another reason not to vote for her.

Did Jesus say to fear and hate those who are different from you and build walls to keep them out?

It seems West Virginia was completely ripped-off with its opioid settlement. Some other state’s counties were awarded more compensation than our entire state.

The Republicans in the US House of Representatives are rioting to prevent the deposition of witnesses in the Trump impeachment. Republicans have gone too far. Without respect for the law in a society based on the law there will be violence and revolution.

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