Readers' Vent: Oct. 26, 2019

So President Trump abandons the Kurds and pulls our forces out of Syria. But then, he wants to backtrack and send in tanks and other armor to protect the oil fields. Is that not the height of the new Trump-Republican party hypocrisy? We were going to end our participation in a supposedly pointless long standing Middle Eastern conflict, but then oh no, we have to protect the oil!

Thrasher wants to kill drug dealers. In this day how can the death penalty be considered an appropriate response to the opioid problem? Also, what about the manufacturers of opioids, shouldn’t they receive the death penalty also? Seems like Thrasher is a political neanderthal, or is he just another crass demagogue?

The whistleblower’s identity must remain unknown to protect their safety. In today’s crazy world anything could happen to this person. Detective Mooney and his other partners in crime would not be acting this way if the whistleblower was a member of their family. Not requiring the whistleblower to testify may be important to this person staying alive. It truly is a crazy world we live in today.

So with this new ordinance is the mayor and or director of Kanawha-Charleston Housing going to be fined if the police report illegal activity at public housing.

I feel the police did use unnecessary force with Freda Gilmore and that needs to be addressed. Her parents are saying she’s special needs so why was she out after dark with a dead puppy in her pocket? Shouldn’t she have a caretaker? Anything could have happened to her and it could have been worse than what happened.

When will the trillions of dollars of Trump tax cuts for billionaires begin to trickle down to every day West Virginians?

There is no problem with Sen. Manchin fighting for miners’ retirement benefits paid by the U.S. government. What’s wrong is: Where was he when many other people lost their retirements because the companies they worked for went bankrupt? What special rights do miners have that others don’t have. We’ve watched the government bail out banks, auto makers, and now coal miners? Where is the equality and fairness when others aren’t so lucky in retirement?

I sincerely hope that the city fights this frivolous and absurd lawsuit filed by the woman and her family per her arrest. These officers did nothing wrong. Nothing. They should be commended not crucified. Sad times we live in.

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