Readers' Vent: Oct. 10, 2019

I don’t need to look up the definition of a liberal. I know what they are and I know I don’t like them or what they stand for. I won’t vote for a Democrat regardless if I like the person or not based upon the liberal agenda that party promotes. I want people that place working, retired and handicapped people above all else. Not free loaders and illegals.

As my wife finished her shopping she found she had more than she could carry. One of those terrible street people helped her to load items in the car. People should think of these people as human and in need of help.

I hope that all you folks who support Trump are happy now. The richest 400 families paid a smaller percentage in taxes than the bottom half of the American households. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keeps getting poorer. You can see who his tax break helped and it sure isn’t the average American. You better wake up and smell the roses, or we all are going to be in the poor house.

With the announcement by Charleston to call the Christmas Parade a Winter Parade has made up my mind. I will not shop or spend any money in that crime-ridden sinful city again. How sad remember Jesus is the reason for the season, and he still loves you even you don’t love him.

At 73, I can’t imagine anything in my life that would result in my receiving a subpoena to appear in court or be deposed. However, if that should happen, it’s good to know I can simply send a letter refusing to honor it, following the precedent being set in our nation’s Capitol.

I guess the person who thinks Medicare and fire and police protection aren’t socialism doesn’t realize something. There are plenty of people who pay a lot more for Medicare and protection than he/she does. And yet everyone receives the same service no matter how much they paid in. That’s socialism.

What’s so wrong with calling the Charleston Christmas Parade the Charleston Christmas Parade? After all, it’s always been a Christmas parade. It’s sad to see my city go down this path. Makes me not want to be a part of it.

When I was in college, I had to take a world history course. One of the very first things I learned was that the right to face one’s accuser was a law as old as ancient Rome itself. President Trump has an absolute right to face the “whistleblowers.” So, let’s trot ‘em out. They’re protected under the law and should have no fear of retribution, and they’d better not commit perjury.

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