Readers' Vent: Oct. 30, 2019

Trump said he didn’t tell Pelosi and other Democrat leaders about the military plans because of leaks, yet he could not mention one example of Pelosi leaking information. Most leaks about Trump’s administration come straight from the White House itself. People working in the White House want Americans to know what Trump is really doing. Trump’s description of his administration is a fantasy. The reality is a disaster. Impeachment!

Perfect timing. Day after our military takes out ISIS leader in Syria a Readers’ Vent comment criticized President Trump for pulling troops out of region. Once again our president has shown he knows what he’s doing and he’s playing games with his critics.

Donald J. Trump only has respect for wealth. If you are not wealthy, he thinks you are a chump.

Believing anything our president says is hard to do if you consider his history of lying. I am tired of hearing about where the governor lives. I just wish he would be an honest man and pay his bills.

In “Coal Country,” our politicians deny the catastrophic effects of burning massive amounts of fossil fuels. They are doing it because the super wealthy that support their lifestyles demand it.

Thanks for patching the potholes on Washington Street. People will save a lot of very hard-earned money.

Police would benefit from training in trauma response and de-escalation, which just means calming a situation down rather than escalating it. A person with diminished capacity, a history of trauma or a medical condition will not, and cannot, respond to police commands in the way that officers expect them to. The world is diverse and police officers need to make adjustments to deal with situations in a peaceful, nonviolent manner. Police are supposed to be your friend and helper and not all power wielding aggressors.

One more example of Democrat and news media’s biased hypocrisy. Tons of praise for Obama when he OK’d a mission to take out an evil terrorist. Same people are attacking and criticizing President Trump for doing exact same thing. Voters are taking notice. More red votes in 2020.

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