Readers' Vent: Oct. 14, 2019

How low will our senators go to keep their power? We need new representation that will go to Washington to defend our values not just theirs and our economic interest.

Apparently Christians are willing to give up democracy in exchange for the right to chastise women of child bearing age and LGBTQ people. Wake up Christians, it won’t work out in the long run.

After Trump has asked two foreign countries to investigate an American citizen, how can any clear-thinking person believe he is the right person to protect our great nation. By now, it is clear he only thinks about himself and his own personal agenda. We need a wall to protect us from Trump!

So, Richard “I-fired-my-secretary-for-not-babysitting-my-child” Neely is running for West Virginia Supreme Court Justice again. Good grief. I’d rather have Allen Loughry back on the bench.

I think, if I were a conservative contemplating a run for mayor of Charleston, next time around, I’d start taking notes. I believe Mayor Goodwin has just condemned herself a one-term mayor.

Trump deserves impeachment for allowing Turkey to attack Kurds. Kurdish blood is on Trump’s and Republican hands. This is truly the most shameful act of Trump and the U.S. No one will ever trust the U.S. again.

Seriously, if we really mean to keep religion and government separate as the Constitution states, then obviously the City cannot promote a Christian event. I doubt anyone thinks of the parade in religious terms anyway. Other believers and our Constitution deserve the respect of not having Christianity promoted by the City. Those who disagree with the Constitution can move.

In a socialist economic system all workers earn an equal share of wealth and the government makes all economic decisions. The U.S. has a mixed economic system that combines government and markets. The Constitution protects property rights. We all pay taxes; even people on TANF when they purchase merchandise and gasoline. Nothing is “free.”

Last week while shopping at Nitro Walmart, I lost my wristwatch that has a “#1 Grandma” charm attached to it. Thank you, thank you to the person who found the watch and turned it in to customer service. May God always bless you.

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