Readers' Vent: Oct. 29,2019

Alex Mooney is either ignorant or deliberately misleading his constituents when he writes that “this process is all very one-sided because the President is not allowed to have his legal counsel present, he’s not allowed to cross-examine witnesses, and he’s not allowed to offer counter-evidence.” At this stage of the process, Congress is interviewing witnesses. Republicans are present in the room. The president will have plenty of opportunity to make his case once the best facts are known.

I thought it was so funny that Pelosi was upset that she and shifty Shiff were not notified of the raid on ISIS but Russia was notified. Really? We know that shifty Shiff leaks info all of the time. The less people knowing means less chances of a leak. Our military team is the best in the world.

I wonder who is getting the kickback on all these new guardrails? Our roads are deplorable, full of potholes and slipping over hills; yet what we get are new guardrails. We now have guardrails where none have ever been. What’s up with this? We need our roads fixed more than we need more guardrails.

The biggest problem I have with medical marijuana is the fact I’ll be paying for it. Welfare potheads will be able to get it with their medical cards while I continue to work 60 to 80 hours a week to pay for it. End welfare!

Common sense, education, morally and ethically sound, and honest to a fault. Qualities that are a must for anyone serving in an elected or appointed office. Do we really have that in our political leaders? Or do we elect people based upon popularity, appearances and whether they have a D or an R beside their names? Based upon needed qualities, I think we may have a real problem in this country.

Trump couldn’t be bothered to continue to protect the Kurds in Syria who fought and died with us against ISIS, but Syria’s oil? Well, that’s an opportunity that our petty thief-in-chief just can’t resist, especially since it’s just our troops who are at risk. Bring them home my butt.

Thank you to Melody Potter for her editorial in Saturday’s paper. She did a nice job summarizing why President Trump should be and will be reelected.

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