Readers' Vent: Oct. 9, 2019

Is “free” K-12 education socialist? How is “free” college different than “free” K-12? It’s a bad thing that college debt now stops so many people from starting businesses and families. “Socialist” doesn’t mean, “deprives bankers of cash stream.”

I think it would be very helpful to require people receiving welfare or food stamps to receive budget planning and meal planning because so many people I know if they receive money or help they use it all right away, no plans for future. It would be good to require them to present a plan each month.

Hats off to WVDOT for an outstanding job diverting traffic for the Danner Bridge project. Well done!

Suddenlink has poor service , takes away discounts without letting you know it will happen. Now the latest thing for me they changed my payment date from the 23rd of the month to the 7th of the month again with out notice. Is this legal? I have my payment taken out automatically. What a surprise when I checked my bank account yesterday. It is a shame that where I live we cannot have anything but Suddenlink. We are at the mercy of this company.

If it must stay in the paper, move Doonesbury to the editorial page. We want comics on the comic page.

To the real Democrat for 25 years. It appears you did not check a dictionary for the definition of socialism. Any program that everyone contributes to production of is entitled to share in it. Since you are just one of the many who contribute to the programs and services you listed, you are utilizing socialist programs. And by the way, I am a real democrat, and you should look up the definition of liberal.

So now Trump refers himself to having “great and unmatched wisdom” in a tweet to Turkey. I am so tired of this arrogant, narcissistic criminal. Vote him out.

Definition: Something that is democratic is based on the idea that everyone should have equal rights and should be involved in making important decisions. So it is not the Democratic Party. It is the Democrat Party. There is nothing democratic about them.

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