Readers' Vent: Oct. 21, 2019

Like no president ever, Trump has turned his back on a country of people that saved us from the daily torment of losing loved ones. Now the super dangerous criminals are free because of a very simple man who can’t govern.

As a former long time registered Democrat, I can’t in good conscience vote for a Democrat today simply due to the party’s core agenda, its support for those on the fringes of our society and its support for illegals over what’s in the best interest of our own country. No, the GOP is no better. But they win my vote for one simple reason. They are not liberals.

I wish the die hards would recognize that the “conservative” judges being placed are actually “corporate” judges. They will rule in favor of corporate interests for years to come.

To person in need a of a dictionary, a liberal is someone “willing to respect the behavior or opinions different from ones own.” No wonder you don’t like them!

Trump’s death sentences & abandonment of our Kurdish allies is surely additional grounds for impeachment. He is causing the deaths of not just Kurdish patriot soldiers but their women and children. His sick obsession with dictators has opened the door to murderous Putin’s rapidly growing influence in the Middle East to exponentially adding US National Security risks. His interests are only his selfish violation of the Constitutional Emolument Clause: his money generating buildings in Ankara and Moscow, and certainly not at all in our American National interests.

Is the WV delegation to D.C. OK with Trump handing all of our hard fought progress in Syria over to Putin? Keep in mind no one is saying who Trump consulted about the decision. It very well could have been Putin.

I have to agree. Whatever happened to tradition at WVU? Wearing those gray uniforms they looked like a prison team. Stick our traditional uniforms. Scrap those white and yellow helmets too. Our colors are blue and gold. There’s no black and no gray in them. Huggins? That’s a whole other story.

When you fall off the TrumpTrain the Trump Bus will run you over.

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