Readers' Vent: Oct. 17, 2019

It’s interesting to see the Christian right denounce liberals and talk about them as though they were the scum of the earth. If they would read their Bible very closely, they would find that Jesus Christ was the greatest liberal of all time.

I sure hope the Democrats are smart enough not to nominate a woman for their presidential candidate. If that happens, we’ll be stuck with Trump for another four years. And that would be a crying shame!

I sure do hate those demagogic political ads for Kentucky governor. Are Kentucky voters susceptible to such lowbrow arguments?

I love to travel West Virginia this time of year. I have recently traveled over roads that are slipping over the hill, cracking on humps in the road and many dips in the roads. The sad thing is these roads have been paved in the last three to five years. How will these roads and so many more survive the winter?

It’s really great that the county offered the free disposal site over the weekend in South Charleston. But now who’s going to clean up the parking lot of all the broken glass and debris?

Who could actually vote for one of these Democratic candidates? They don’t know how to answer a direct question. They just go around the barn and don’t make any sense. None of them can beat President Trump.

It’s time to impeach Trump, says a Beckley lawyer. No it’s time to support a great president who has undeniably helped to create a booming economy. Why should we want to destroy our economy? Imagine what would happen to our 401k, which so many retirees depend on.

I will take Harvard graduate over a filthy rich idiot any day. His daddy gave him everything he wanted. He is not a self-made man of business. Putin’s puppet.

For many, Trump’s careless and illegal actions is like your favorite football team being found to have NCAA infractions due to illegal actions. You hate it, don’t want it, but know it was illegal. The difference is most Republicans are not willing to accept that Trump must suffer the consequences; and are either standing idle or defending him. Please do what is right for the Constitution and future of our Nation and support the fact finding in the House.

And to think all y’all said it couldn’t get worse than Danny Jones. You want fries with your crow?

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