Readers' Vent: Oct. 19, 2019

Trump is the best example of why we need a secular government.

I am tired of a five-time draft dodger telling me that I hate America. This coming from a man who has spent all of his adult life trying to avoid paying taxes that support our military and our infrastructure. Now you tell me who hates America. It sure looks like the Trump family does.

I want to know where that wall is that all those people are climbing over to get into Kentucky.

Who’s in charge of road repairs in Putnam County? They paved the worst sections of Spite Road but left potholes in the sections in between, and said another crew would come and patch those. It’s been several months now and they’re still there. Just a nice little surprise, I guess.

A Trump supporting venter suggested that the impeachment inquiry was harassing the president and was not what our forefathers had in mind. Since you brought up what our forefathers had in mind, how would you feel about applying that to the Second Amendment? Didn’t think so.

With your vent about harassing a president with impeachment by a bunch of haters, I suppose you are referring to Bill Clinton.

The illegal, anti-democracy phone call to Ukraine led to the phone call to Turkey. Throwing the Kurds under the bus is obviously a diversion gone horribly wrong. When will we see proof of the ultimate wisdom of our president?

Jesus was in no way a liberal. He was not a conservative either. He was above the petty politics we play today. If he was political at all he’d be more like a dictator. He left us explicit instructions on how to get to Heaven. He said no one comes to the Father except by me. He left nothing up to debate. It’s His way or no way.

Your editorial staff do nothing but lament about opioids. Anyone who takes them is a drug addict, dope-head, needs to be locked up. Well what about patients who suffer daily with chronic pain, not just cancer. Vets who were shot, blown up, bodies maimed, you know the ones you never think about. These people don’t deserve a decent quality of life, do we.

Please keep your cats in the house. My neighbor found a large dead rabbit in her yard. She had to bury the rabbit. This was in Kanawha City but it applies everywhere.

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