Readers' Vent: Oct. 8, 2019

If photo ops could fix Charleston the city would be pristine. But they don’t and the do-nothing, missing in action, mayor who doesn’t care is guiding the beautiful city of Charleston into the dumps. Charleston deserves better!

If you value honest government over criminal government, call your Senators and ask them to support impeachment.

The NFL has blackballed one of the best QBs in the world for taking a principled stand against the alarming treatment of black people by the American Justice System. Yet, they happily employ criminals.

Will our Senators behave like Sen. Johnson from Wisconsin if they are asked if they believe it is OK for the president to solicit election interference from a foreign country?

I don’t understand why we pay so much for Suddenlink every month. Their service is poor. Either it’s totally out or the picture and sound are skipping so much that you can’t watch it. This problem needs fixed. I know I’m not the only one with this problem. Get it fixed, Suddenlink!

Social security is a retirement program that working people pay into. People pay for Medicare. We pay taxes for police, fire and our infrastructure. If you pay for or earn something it’s not socialism. Anything free is socialism. Welfare, Medicaid, free college that’s all socialism. It wasn’t earned. And by the way; I was a real Democrat for over 25 years ‘til they went liberal.

Fossil fuel attorney Yaussy’s op-ed is a typical distortion of the economic and technological facts of the renewable energy industry’s lower costs, unprecedented job creating and reliability. Smart utilities see the future, and are transitioning to renewables to lower costs and address the realities of the Climate Change Crisis.

School absenteeism is an issue? What happened to the law concerning parents sending kids to class? Why were truant officer positions removed? Everywhere I go during the week the businesses are full of kids. I guess these kids are too smart for school.

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