Readers' Vent: Sept. 24, 2019

Pure idiocy is assigning blame for actions taken by rogue regimes! If Iran did attack another country’s oil fields, it would be to make oil supplies short. Short supply equals higher prices. Duh!

I’ve heard uninformed Republicans blame Democrats for a lot, but telling Boone County voters to blame Democrats for the disappearance of coal is a real stretch.

All welfare and subsidies are bad. I see no difference between corporate and individual. Both need a expiration date and both cost taxpayers billions of dollars that we could better spend on our infrastructure and other things for working people, our elderly, our severely handicapped and our combat wounded. Now that would be money well spent.

It was nice to see Joe Manchin acknowledge the homelessness issue in WV. I’m just wondering why he and the rest of our elected officials are not going ballistic about the Trump threat to school lunch funding for hungry students.

Climate change denial is inexcusable. Those that are pretending it is a hoax are doing it for personal gain. It is a direct attack on younger generations ability to survive.

Had Chemours announced a 27% increase in the number of jobs at their Belle Plant, you can be sure the Governor and legislative leaders would have claimed their economies growth policies had a hand in it. They are conspicuously absent in their comments following an opposite announcement of a 27% reduction in jobs. The Capitol Complex grows hypocrisy faster than grass.

With all the revenue Commissioner Salango’s Sports Complex is bringing in, Dunbar’s streets should be paved in gold. I would settle for asphalt.

I can think of a lot of things that would be worse than living in a liberal state. One quick one would be living in a country with a Communist dictator.

Yep; sure sounds like a great idea to allow student to wear their pants hanging off them showing their underwear. It’s never a good idea to relax standards. Those that think it is have forgotten why those standards were put in place.

Many West Virginians follow the Mountaineers on television because they cannot afford the high cost of tickets, parking, and food in Morgantown. Now, WVU has imposed a monthly fee for watching televised games. This is fan gouging at its finest. What’s next — a fee for putting WVU logos on automobiles?

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