Readers' Vent: Sept. 21, 2019

Heck no, I don’t want to be a part of Virginia. They went liberal years ago and I don’t want to live in a liberal state. I can’t think of anything that could be worse other than living in a liberal country.

I can’t believe that the department of highways is paving a piece of MacCorkle Avenue from Frontier to Patrick Street when the Kanawha City area was far worse needed than down there. Are they blind? They made the Kanawha City area look like grandma’s patched quilt. Unbelievable.

The drain on our society is corporate welfare, not welfare for the poor. Corporate welfare will have an expiration date when the right people are elected to office.

What’s he hiding? President Trump still fighting to not release his tax returns. Obviously, his accountants will go down with him.

I live in Charleston and would never think of going to a security sensitive airport just to eat a meal, much less just to support a New Jersey restaurant. I thought you needed a boarding pass to get to the food area? CRW needs Tudors so passengers can get a W.Va. meal to take with them on a flight that doesn’t serve food.

You greedy, money-grubbin’, do-gooders have sued the pharma companies out of business and Oxycontin will no longer be made. Those who live with severe chronic pain every day — I guess you’ll just have to euthanize us. Problems solved.

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Funerals for Saturday, October 19,2019

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Bell, Don - 2 p.m., Leonard Johnson Funeral Home, Marmet.

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Hedrick, Josephine - 1 p.m., Smathers Funeral Chapel, Rainelle.

Hopkins, Betty - 1 p.m., Tyler Mountain Memory Gardens, Cross Lanes.

Hunt, Betty - 1:30 p.m., Good Shepherd Mortuary, South Charleston.

Jarrell, Linda - 2:30 p.m., Memory Gardens, Madison.

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Lewis, Evelyn - 1 p.m., Cross Lanes Baptist Church, Cross Lanes.

McClanahan, Patricia - 2 p.m., Goff-McClanahan Cemetery, Charleston.

McDaniel, Janet - 1 p.m., Norway Avenue Church of Christ Activity Building, Huntington.

Midkiff, Ned - 2 p.m., Curry Funeral Home, Alum Creek.

Mills, Harry - 1 p.m., Emmanuel Baptist Church, Charleston.

Neil Jr., Fred - 1 p.m., Jodie Missionary Baptist Church, Jodie.

O'Dell, Claytus - 2 p.m., Wallace & Wallace Chapel, Rainelle.

O'Leary, David - 11 a.m., Memory Gardens, Madison.

Park, Emily - 11 a.m., Old Stone Presbyterian Church, Lewisburg.

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