Readers' Vent: Sept. 26, 2019

Kudos to Delegate Andrew Robinson for “Addiction fight far from over.” Go another step and ask of the disabled intractable pain sufferers who commit suicide daily from having legitimate pain treatment taken from us.

The reality of the Vietnam War crystallized with the revelation of Nixon’s criminal behavior. Likewise the Trump era will be crystallized too.

Are we willing to deny coal’s role in heating the earth just to own a dollar? Fossil fuels are destroying the quality and quantity of life.

Once a liar, always a liar. Why would anyone choose to watch “Dancing With The Stars” with Sean Spicer, who sold his soul to lie for Trump?

Yeah, you can see my tax returns. I live in poverty. I don’t ask for state or federal assistance. I scrape by by the skin of my teeth. And I’m a senior citizen. Hopefully I won’t last much longer. Thank you.

The efforts to hide federally funded climate change science is the ultimate impeachable offense. It is also severely treasonous to place fossil fuel industry wants above basic human needs.

As a spectator at the band and majorette festival, I was shocked to see the little twirler at Riverside receive a silver medal. She was the best one and certainly deserved gold!

So after three years of trying different versions, this week Ukraine is the impeachment flavor. Funny, exactly one week ago they were talking about impeaching Justice Kavanaugh. Too funny!

Will our senators defend our Constitution or will they side with Trump?

West Virginians should know that the Trump administration is intentionally concealing the work of government-funded climate science.

Leave your politics out; what we all now know is that global warming is an observable, measurable fact and man-made greenhouse gases contribute to it. We must act if we are to survive.

Could some responsible news reporter explain why three minutes on television solely about children’s dolls is considered newsworthy?

I keep seeing Vents about people who are “false Christians” because they voted for President Trump. Boy, I really am glad we have people like you to keep us all straight by insisting we vote for the likes of Hillary. She really is way up there on the righteousness scale.

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